Tires are a crucial part of vehicle safety, handling, performance and even fuel economy. Choosing the right type of tires for your car is very important. As a matter of fact, getting a good set of tires can make all the difference in your driving experience. Unfortunately for most buyers, it can prove to be difficult to parse through the marketing claims to find the best tires which best address your particular needs and budget. In this article, we have compiled top 10 best tires for cars;

1. Michelin Defender
mi_defender_pdpcropMichelin Defender tires feature an innovative new design and have a high silica tread compound along with 3D self-locking sipes. These fantastic all season tires offer a great blend of all-weather grip, a smooth ride, secure handling, and a long tread life. The tires are designed to balance low rolling resistance, long wear, and a comfortable ride with all season traction and wet grip.



2. The Continental Purecontact
co_purec_ep_pdpcropThis high performance, all-season tires have a highly optimized asymmetric design which reduces noise, while at the same time enhancing road handling. They offer increased cornering grip, impressive wet and dry braking, hydroplaning resistance, and have a much higher speed rating as compared to the standard H rated and V-rated all-season tires. These tires also come equipped with run-flat technology and offer very good tread life.


3. Pirelli P Zero
Pirelli’s approach mainly focuses on a balance between driving comfort and performance. The Pirelli P Zero tires deliver outstanding wet and dry handling and braking attributes. They have a fairly long tread life and provide a very strong grip. These ultra high-performance tires come in many different sizes and have a speed rating which is above 149 mph.

4. Michelin Pilot Sports A/S Plus Zero Pressure (ZP)
mi_pilotsp_as_plus_ci2_lThese tires offer exceptionally high performance in numerous different areas. This particular series of tires from Michelin features the C3M design which utilizes three different tread compounds so as to maximize performance in various conditions. Even with a flat tire, these tires can maintain a very high level of driving maneuverability because of their ability to support the car’s weight even after they have lost air pressure.



5. Cooper Zeon RS3-A
Coop_Zeon_RS3AThese tires have an advanced technology profile which focuses on the square thread. Because of this, the tires have more tread contact with the surface/road which in turn promotes stability. Its’ asymmetric tread pattern allows for exceptional performance in various road conditions.



6. The Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season
goodyear-assurance-cs-tripletred-all-seasonThese tires are well known for their reliability and performance. With lateral grooves and wide sizes, these tires are very well equipped to handle different weather patterns and contributes to a much longer lifespan. They control the roads with much ease and offer a comfortable ride even in snow or heavy rain.


7. The Pirelli P4 Four Seasons
pi_p4_four_seasons_pdpcropThese are among the best all season tires. They are designed to perform perfectly in any season while maintaining a comfortable ride with excellent traction and little noise. Its’ rubber features silica-rich tread compounds for reducing rolling resistance, particularly when there’s a drastic change in weather. The symmetrical pattern helps the tires to easily navigate both wet and dry roads. Its’ design allows for the water to escape, which in turn reduces a risk of hydroplaning.



8. The Yokohama Avid
yo_avid_s34pv_pdpcropThese tires have been designed to offer a safe and comfortable ride. The adaptive 3D sipes and tread blocks deliver great power while at the same time reducing noise and maintaining an even tread wear. Yokohama is also known for its’ exclusive Orange Oil Technology that helps in promoting a long tread life and low rolling resistance.




9. Michelin Primacy MXV4
pi_p4_four_seasons_pdpcropThese are among the best all season tires from the Michelin company. These tires offer a great balance between driving capabilities and handling. The Primacy MXV4 tires are also known for their quite and smooth drive.




10. Continental Extremecontact DWS( Dry, Wet, and Snow)
co_extcondws06_pdpcropThese tires have a high ice and snow grip capability, without compromising on dry performance. There’s a visible DWS on the tire tread which will start to wear away with repeated use. Once the S disappears, the tires are longer safe for using on snow, and when W or D wear away, they are no longer suitable for use in those conditions either.